The MARUPA Gold Project is located in the Creporizao basin of the Tapajos mineral province, in the state of Para, north-central Brazil, with year-round access via gravel roads and river. Some of the biggest gold mining projects in Brazil (Tocantizinho of GMINING and Palito & Sao Chico mines of Serabi Gold) are located in the same district.


AN MINERALS has been granted two exploration licenses for the MARUPA Gold Project from the National Mining Agency on 12.03.2024. The two properties benefit from logistics and power infrastructure. The nearby city of Itaituba provides access to an experienced workforce along with local engineering and construction capability, factors that reduce project development costs and execution risk.


The MARUPA Gold Project is located in the Creporizao basin and on the Cuiu-Cuiu complex, a well-known geological complex for being a bearer of gold. The Cuiú-Cuiú Complex is in tectonic contact with the lithotypes of the Jacareacanga Group and is frequently intruded by granitoids from the Creporizão, Parauari and Maloquinha intrusive suites, and by the Caroçal and Pepita granites.


The Creporizao Basin has been one of the major alluvial and mining targets in the Tapajos region. The Marupa gold rush that was caused by Rui Mendonça when nuggets were discovered in the Marupa river in the 1990’s brought over 1000 people to dive in primitive gear into the raging rapids with people using a plastic tube from to breathe, as they scooped nuggets into buckets only to find that their boat partner had escaped with the gold by the time they reached the surface.


Our tenement is located in a favorable geological setting with several mineral structures identified (including, identification of gold deposits by exploration previously held by the National Mining Agency ) and a proven history of artisanal gold production.


AN MINERALS holds two exploration licenses totaling 1,400 Hectares and is advancing with exploration of the area.